How To Do A Stability Ball Russian Twist

The Stability Ball Russian Twist Improves Core And Shoulder Strength

To Make The Russian Twist More Difficult Place Inflated Discs Under Each Foot Or Hold A Medicine Ball

  • Form a bridge position on the stability ball with feet hip width, knees at right angles.
  • Position your mid back to your head on the ball.
  • Raise both arms to a parallel position above shoulders. Press hands together.
  • Slowly rotate upper body to the right resting your weight on your right shoulder.
  • Return slowly to start position.
  • Repeat the movement to the left.
  • Continue twisting side-to-side for desired repetitions.
  • Return to start postion.
  • Walk feet toward the ball until you reach a seated position.
  • Slowly rise up and off the ball.

Modifications: 1) Reduce the amount of air in the ball. 2) Perform fewer repetitions.

Technique: Maintain stability as you move. Use the correct size stability ball where your knees create a 90 degree angle. Point feet forward and avoid sagging.

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