How To Do A Supinated Bent-Over Barbell Row

The Bent-Over Barbell Row, Palms Up At Shoulder Width, Builds Biceps and Upper Back Strength

  • Stand with feet hip width.
  • Bend hips and knees and lean forward.
  • Using a supinated grip (palms up) grab barbell with both hands at shoulder width.
  • Slowly stand to an upright position while holding the weight.
  • Bend forward at hips and knees. Crown of head aligns with tailbone.
  • Slowly bend elbows and move the barbell toward you until elbows form right angles.
  • Performed desired repetitions.
  • Avoid sagging the low back as you perform the exercise.
  • Return to upright standing position.
  • Repeat desired sets and repetitions.
  • Return to upright position.
  • Bend hips and knees and place the barbell on the floor in front of you.

Modifications: 1) Use lighter plates, or move the barbell without plates. 2) Perform fewer repetitions and sets. 3) Replace the barbell with a lighter body bar.

Technique: Maintain a long back. Squeeze shoulders blades together as you bring the barbell forward. Avoid caving in at the low back, or dropping head and shoulders forward. If this occurs modify the exercise.

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