Joseph Pilates Archival Film 1930s-1950s

In the early 1920s, Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) developed a series of exercises he named Contrology. Today millions of people worldwide practice his exercise routine, that is now known as Pilates.

In this short archival film Joseph Pilates is shown demonstrating exercises to his students. In another sequence one of his students is shown using the Wunda Chair, that demonstrates her high level of core strength and control.

How To Flow Warrior I Into Half Moon Pose


  • Starting Position: Stand on right foot in Warrior I Prayer Position
  • Slowly open prayer position placing right hand on the ground.
  • Reach upward with left arm, while turning your gaze up at your left hand.
  • Hold pose 20-30 seconds.
  • Return hands to prayer position while moving gaze downward.

Variations: Either point your toes or point the heel by flexing the ankle.

Modifications: 1. Look down instead of turning head to look up. 2. Place supporting hand on a Yoga block if you can’t reach the ground, or if you require more stability. 3. Lift the back leg to a height you can manage without losing your balance.

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