Hiking Accident Prevention: Trail Marking Tape Can Save Your Life

A Simple and Inexpensive Way To Prepare For Trail Emergencies

Trail Marking Tape

Coghlan’s Orange Trail Tape. Price: Around $7.50. Sold on Amazon and local sporting goods stores.

No one plans on getting lost, but things happen. Hikers of every level need to be prepared for the unexpected. A roll of this tape is an inexpensive life-saver on wilderness trips.

If you intentionally leave the trail, and don’t want to get lost on the way back, use non-adhesive Trail Marking Tape to indicate your path. On your return, remove the tape, and continue your journey.

Striped Trail Marking Tape


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KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Trip Planning Resources For Hikers and Backpackers


Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 25 years experience teaching exercise in New York City.  To read her complete bio, visit the About Page.

Home Fitness: Non-Slip Agility Markers

Space-Saving, Colorful, Wide Applications and Portable

CATEGORY: Speed, Agility, Balance

HOW TO USE IT: Non-slip 9-inch flat disks, for use on smooth indoor surface.  Works well on carpets.

PORTABILITY: Dots are lightweight and portable.  Toss in a carry bag for easy transport.

BENEFITS:  Improve balance and range of motion.  Suitable for any level of fitness, including older adults, and kids.

TYPE OF WORKOUT: Hops, jumps and balance drills.  For increased challenge, use more than 1 set, and/or combine with Agility Ladders and Rings.  Excellent for seniors who want to improve balance.

Non-Slip Agility Markers Are Available on Amazon. Follow This Link For Details and Price.

Equipment of the Month: Trigger Point Foam Massage Ball

EQUIPMENT OF THE MONTH: Trigger Point Foam Massage Ball For Deep Tissue Massage

CATEGORY: Flexibility, Relaxation, Circulation

HOW TO USE IT: Same technique as the standard foam roller.  Roll the ball onto tender spots on legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, chest. 

PORTABILITY: The ball measures 5″ in diameter.  Toss in a bag, or backpack.  Takes up little space. Weighs 5.8 ounce.

BENEFITS:  Relieves tightness, restores flexibility and mobility.

Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 23 years experience teaching exercise in New York City.   For her complete bio, visit the About Page.  

Equipment of the Month: Peanut Stability Ball

EQUIPMENT OF THE MONTHPeanut Stability Ball 

Recommended Product: The Peanut is a good choice for older adults, pregnant women, rehab patients, or anyone who needs more stability than the standard exercise, ball during exercise.

Product Category: Core Strength, Balance and Stability.

How To Use It: The Peanut Stability Ball activates the core muscles and improves balance.  Easier to control than the standard stability ball.

Portability: Remove the air from the ball, and you can carry it anywhere in a tote, or shopping bag.  The inflated peanut shaped ball takes up more room than the standard size stability ball.  You may need to purchase a pump, unless it’s included in the price.

Benefits: Excellent addition to a home gym.  Cost effective. Offers a total body workout. Often includes exercise chart with purchase. The Peanut Stability Ball acclimates older adults to core balance training.

Fitness Level: Beginners, Seniors , Prenatal, Rehab

Type of Workout: Seated, prone, and supine exercises

Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 23 years experience teaching exercise in New York City..  For her complete bio, visit the About Page.  

10 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund on Health and Fitness

Here are 10 gift suggestions, on how to invest your tax refund, into health and fitness, for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

  1. PORTABLE JUICER:  Buy a juicer and start drinking fresh juice instead of store bought juice, or soda pop.  Click on the link to read more about this fruit juicer, and smoothie maker. This one is priced around $23.00 on Amazon.
  2. RICE COOKER: Buy a rice cooker to prepare brown rice, instead of that white yucky rice that gets stuck to the bottom of the pan.  Click on the link to read about an Oster brand for around $20.00 at Amazon.
  3. VEGETABLE STEAMER: This link will take you to Amazon where you can read about simple, inexpensive stainless steel steamers, and more complex digital models.  Cooking vegetables in a steamer retains the vitamins, minerals, taste, color, and texture of food.
  4. OLIVE OIL MISTER-SPRAYER: Fill the mister with oil and herbs and mist your food instead of dumping excess oil over your meals.  This device allows you to control your portion, and helps to cut back on calories.  This mister sells for around $20.00 on Amazon.
  5. QUICK VEGETABLE SPIRAL SLICER: Instantly turns zucchini into spaghetti.  Cut back on grains, and add more veggies to your diet with this easy-to-use, hand-held, kitchen gadget..
  6. EXERCISE MAT: Treat yourself to a thick exercise mat instead of that old worn out excuse-for-a-mat that you’ve had for longer than you remember.  MatsMatsMats.com sells a wide selection of exercise mats.
  7. SUBSCRIPTIONS: There’s a magazine for every type of  recreational activity.  Magazines educate, inform, and keep you up-to-date on your sport.  If you’re planning an adventure recreational adventure magazines will help you plan your trip. Here are ideas: Cycling, Backpacking, Downhill or Cross Country Skiing, Yoga, Pilates, Bowling, Running, Kayaking, Climbing, Canoeing. Search either of these websites for fitness and health magazine subscriptions: Magazine.com , Amazon.com.
  8. TRAVEL YOGA MAT: Travel mats fit into packs, bags and suitcases.  Get yourself a light weight, foldable Yoga mat at MatsMatsMats.com
  9. TRX HOME GYM: Get an anywhere workout with this device. Adaptable to out or indoor envirnments.  Take it to the beach, park, hotel, or your home.  Sets up fast.  Order it from TRXTraining.com.
  10. HIKING BACKPACK: Visit L.L. Bean if you’re looking for a backpack.  They’ve been around since 1912, and specialize in outdoor fitness gear, and clothing.  REI.com is another very good source.

Irene Pastore is a native New Yorker, health and fitness blogger, and personal trainer. Irene owns this website, and writes all the blog posts. For her complete bio, visit the About Page.

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