Cooking With Cast Iron Recipe Book, Published by Lodge

Lodge is an American company located in Tennessee. It was founded in 1877 by Joseph Lodge. The company manufactures cast iron cookware and accessories. Cast iron cookware is highly durable, inexpensive, long-lasting, eco friendly, versatile and healthy. Lodge Cast Iron Nation: Great American Cooking From Coast To Coast features recipes for stews, casseroles, soups, and desserts. The book is available at Whole Foods Market, Amazon, JC Penney, and Sur La Table.

Preparing A Kitchen Supper in 1820

Make a New Year’s Resolution to improve your health. This video will have you craving a home cooked meal. The sounds and visuals are so vivid, you can almost catch the scent coming through your laptop. The channel devotes itself to historic meal preparation. After watching this, you’ll realize how really easy it is to prepare healthy meals in 2023, with all the food prep conveniences modern folks have at hand.

How To Make Toast In A Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet Toast
Skillet Wall Rack

Use a cast iron skillet for pan toasting bread, since cast iron heats up faster, and stays hot longer than other metals.

Cast iron skillets come in handy during an electric power failure. Camping enthusiasts can also enjoy their morning toast in a heavy skillet. For anyone living in a small apartment, with little counter, or closet space, skillets can be stored on wall racks.

Skillet Toast VS Electric Toaster
Electric Toaster

The difference between skillet toast and an electric toaster, is that you have to watch the toasting progress in order to prevent burning.  In an electric toaster, you set the timer, and the toast is done automatically. Larger skillets accomodate bagels, English muffins, thick bread, and long slices, cut from a loaf of round artisan bread. You can also reheat pancakes. Standard electric toasters limit the size and thickness of bread to square bread slices.

  • Spread a generous amount of cooking oil over the bottom of the skillet If you skip this step, the toast will burn.
  • Heat up the skillet over a low to medium flame.
  • Place bread in skillet. Turn bread over when one side is toasted.
  • Remove bread from skillet.  Place in dish.  Add favorite toppings.
How To Add Seed Toppings During Skillet Toasting

If you like seeded bread, but don’t have any on hand, transform an ordinary slice of bread by adding seeds during toasting.

Cast Iron Skillet French Toast
  • Place bread in warm, well-oiled skillet.
  • Add cooking oil to bread.  Sprinkle caraway, or sesame seeds over the oiled bread, and place in skillet.
  • After one side is toasted, flip the bread over, and repeat on the other side.

NOTE: Some of the seeds will fall off into the pan, but many will stick to the oiled bread. For this process you might want to use a low flame. This gives the seeds a chance to soften during toasting.  If they don’t soften, you will have a mouthful of uncooked seeds.  Unless you enjoy chewing on raw caraway seeds, be patient and allow the seeds to soften before removing the bread from the skillet

Garlic Oil Topping

Line the skillet with garlic oil instead of ordinary cooking oil. Melt a slice of cheese over the bread during toasting.

Where To Buy Cast Iron Cookware

You can buy cast iron skillets from Lodge Cast Iron. Their skillets are an American product, made in Tennessee.  If you’re planning to toast single slices of bread, get the 6.5″ skillet.  Lodge sells bigger skillets that will hold more.  Cast iron is heavy.  The bigger skillets weigh more.  If you’re planning to store them on a wall rack, be sure you have one that can handle the weight.