Quadruped Crawling Is a Multi-Directional Exercise That Improves Cognitive Function

Quadruped Crawling is a low impact navigational exercise that improves coordination while working your quads, shoulders, core and legs. Improve your balance and range of activity as you move front-to-back and side-to-side while challenging your mind during crawling.


  • This exercise is easier if your knees remain on the floor.
  • Assume an all 4 position on the hands and balls of the feet.
  • Place hands directly beneath the shoulders, and the knees directly under the hips.
  • Place feet in line with the knees. Curl toes under.
  • Crawl forward to the midpoint between 2 cones. If you don’t have cones use 2 books.
  • Crawl laterally to both cones.
  • Return to the midpoint and crawl back to the start position.

7 Ways Seniors Can Boost Physical and Mental Health

Guest Author: Bonnie MccDonald

It’s no secret that our bodies and minds evolve as we progress through age. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for a sub-par quality of life in our golden years. In fact, these are the years that are meant to be fun and relaxing — a time for trying out new things without the fear that it will negatively impact our children or career.

But to get the most from your life as a senior, you must foster your physical and mental health. And these tips will show you how to do it!

Adopt a Dog or Cat

Having a dog or cat can go a long way in boosting your mental health. It can help you fight stress and loneliness while lowering anxiety and depression symptoms. It can also encourage you to stay physically active, especially if you have a breed that requires plenty of exercise throughout the day.

Look for local animal shelters for adopting a pet. And if you are unsure that you can commit, consider fostering a pet until you have a better idea of what you want to do. Also, make sure you purchase high-quality pet supplies and products. Click here for detailed pet product reviews.

Find Some Favorite Activities

You might be surprised by how a simple activity that you enjoy can brighten your day and enhance your mood. If there is a hobby you were passionate about, resolve to do it more often. And if you don’t have one, consider trying some of these:

Join a fitness class (e.g., yoga, cycling, dance) or sign up for the Silver Sneakers program.
● Take a foreign language class.
● Pick up puzzles, or play board games with friends.
● Learn how to do arts and crafts.
● Go to museums, concerts, and other arts events.

Launch a Company

Starting a business as a senior helps you stay busy and can lead to happiness and fulfillment. If there is a particular product or service you’re passionate about, consider making a company out of it. Do a little market research to gauge demand before diving in.

If you choose to launch a business, learn how to start a company with ZenBusiness beforehand so you can get a smooth start. Along with choosing a business structure, you’ll also need to develop a market strategy, name your business, and determine how you’ll get funding.

Follow a Fitness Routine

Regular exercise can significantly reduce your risk of chronic disease and other issues like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc. And there are plenty of senior-friendly movements to incorporate into your daily routine.

Yoga, Pilates, walking, cycling, and swimming are some of the most common among older adults. Senior Lifestyle notes that these activities can improve coordination, balance, and strength while putting minimum pressure on your joints. When you’re ready to take your fitness seriously, contact Irene Pastore Fitness for in-home and remote senior fitness training.

Consider Downsizing

Downsizing can offer a number of benefits, both practical and financial. From a practical standpoint, downsizing can make it easier to keep up with housework and maintenance. It can also lead to a simpler lifestyle that is less stressful and more enjoyable. From a financial standpoint, downsizing can free up additional funds that can be used for travel, hobbies, or retirement. If you’re planning on downsizing, it’s a good idea to estimate the worth of your home so you know your budget if you decide to purchase another home.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Sugary and processed foods can significantly impact your mental health and increase your risk of chronic illness and health problems. To lower your risk of health issues and increase your immunity and energy levels, find a nutritionally balanced diet that you can stick to. Your physical and mental health will thank you for it!

Sleep and Relax

Along with exercise and diet, sleep is a pillar of overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine points out, insomnia is common among seniors, meaning you might have to put some effort into finding a bedtime routine that helps you unwind and get the quality rest your mind and body need. Shoot for eight hours a night, and you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel and how much more you can do.

You should enjoy your golden years to the fullest extent. Taking measures like eating healthier, starting a business, adopting a pet, and downsizing to promote your physical and mental health will put you on track to do just that. The tips above can get you off to a strong start, but keep finding other ways to boost your overall health and well-being each day!

About The Author

Bonnie McDonald is a self-described worrywart who loves planning ahead. As such, she started planning for her own retirement decades ago and over the years has amassed a wealth (pun intended), of great retirement planning and wealth-building resources. She knows that it can be difficult and time-consuming to discern good advice from bad, especially when it comes to financial planning and especially when you don’t have a background in finance. Her website is SeniorRiches.com.

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