Quadruped Crawling Is a Multi-Directional Exercise That Improves Cognitive Function

Quadruped Crawling is a low impact navigational exercise that improves coordination while working your quads, shoulders, core and legs. Improve your balance and range of activity as you move front-to-back and side-to-side while challenging your mind during crawling.


  • This exercise is easier if your knees remain on the floor.
  • Assume an all 4 position on the hands and balls of the feet.
  • Place hands directly beneath the shoulders, and the knees directly under the hips.
  • Place feet in line with the knees. Curl toes under.
  • Crawl forward to the midpoint between 2 cones. If you don’t have cones use 2 books.
  • Crawl laterally to both cones.
  • Return to the midpoint and crawl back to the start position.

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