Senator Harry Reid’s Exercise Injury

Senator Harry Reid after his exercise accident.

This story is all over the internet, so I’ll just add my two cents. While Senator Harry Reid was exercising with an exercise band, it broke, hit his eye, causing him to lose his balance, and take a bad fall.  He hit his head on nearby equipment, breaking bones near his right eye.  He was also diagnosed with a concussion, and broken ribs.  As of today, medical reports say that he may lose vision in his right eye.


Do not hold the band In front of your face.

Indeed it can.  In fact, any type of exercise equipment can cause injury if not used carefully.

Elastic bands seem innocuous, because they’re non-imposing, they don’t intimidate, they almost look like a child’s toy.


Senator Reid is 75 years old.  He was standing while exercising with an elastic band.

Either he pulled the band beyond a safe range, causing it to snap, or the band may have been overused, and should have been replaced.  He then lost his balance, and fell head first onto exercise equipment in his home gym.

Persons over 65 should use great care while exercising to prevent accidents.  Loss of balance is more likely  in an older adult.


  • Do not pull the band beyond its’ capacity, causing it to break.

    Do not stretch the band beyond its’s limits.
  • Don’t use the band while standing, if you think you might lose your balance during exercise..
  • Don’t hold the band near your face, especially close to your eyes.  If it breaks, you can suffer an eye injury.
  • Don’t use the band if you have long fingernails, because they can puncture the band with holes, causing the band to break while in use.
  • Don’t wear jewelry while using the band,  to avoid puncturing the band.
  • Don’t let your kids play with the bands.  Elastic bands are not toys.
  • Don’t allow distractions while you’re exercising with bands, and all other equipment.  Stay focused on what you’re doing.
  • Don’t store your exercise bands near heat or sun.  Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep the bands away from dogs and cats to prevent injury to your animals.
  • Replace bands after extended use.

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Christmas, Spirtuality, and Fitness

If you haven’t already seen A Christmas Carol, based on the 1843 book by Charles Dickens, click the link, and watch the entire movie on YouTube.

This version was released in 1951, and is considered the best production.  It stars the late British actor Aleister Sim.  The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge, a chronic miser who hates Christmas, is disgusted with the poor, and dislikes the merriment associated with the Christmas season.

Written in six weeks, Dicken’s book has never been out-of-print.   The plot centers around the emotional, ethical, and spiritual transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge, after supernatural visits from his late partner, and the ghosts of Christmas past, future, and present. 

You might be wondering what this film has to do with fitness, and why I’m writing about it.

Your spiritual life has all to do with your well-being.  How you treat others, whether you abuse your health, whether you’re a perpetual liar, take what belongs to others without remorse, or whether you drive your neighbors crazy with your noise.  It all boils down to chosing a selfish or selfless attitude.

Fitness is more than keeping your body in good shape. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what sort of person you are.  Your emotional life affects your health.

Make resolutions for the New Year to be less like Ebenezer Scrooge.  If he hadn’t changed, he probably would have died of a broken heart, for all his unhappiness of things past.

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Letter To America

July 4, 2012

Dear America:

This letter isn’t meant to hurt your feelings, especially on your birthday.  I know how busy you are, working long hours, taking care of yourself, your family, paying bills, food shopping, doctor’s visits, and all.  The main reason for this letter, is to let you know how concerned I am about your health.  Please realize it might be difficult for me to express my worries, without being blunt.  Continue reading “Letter To America”