Running At 100: Centenarian Secrets On Longevity, Breaking World Records, and Thriving Past 100

Mike Fremont is a 100-year-old who holds many world records, including the fastest recorded marathon for a 91-year-old; at 96, he set the American one-mile record for his age group, and at 99, he raced the Canoe National USCA Championships. Now 100, he has no intention of stopping. I’m proud to share his story with you. For more on Mike, go here👉🏾

The Future of Aging: Combining A Nursing Home With A Childcare Center discusses a hopeful model for the future of aging that combines a nursing home with a child care center. Intergenerational living may be a new model that fosters bonds between young and old. In Singapore, 3 Gen Flats help older people, younger people, and those in the middle live in close proximity.

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Times Beach Missouri Dioxin Disaster: Migraines, Nosebleeds, Dead Animals

On December 23, 1982 the Missouri Department of Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) informed residents of Times Beach, Missouri that their town was dangerously contaminated, when the chemical dioxin was sprayed on its unpaved roads, and that the town will have to be evacuated and demolished. Residents reported migraines, nosebleeds, and dead animals.