Hand Powered Appliances: Get Off The Grid And Get Some Exercise

Instead of using a noisy leaf blower, rake leaves manually. You’ll feel better getting exercise.

Power outages are not much fun.  Keeping body and soul alive during a time when you have no lights, no fridge, no phone, no heat or hot water, takes it toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

During Hurricane Sandy, there were parts of New York City that had no cell phone service.

For sure, there will be a next time when the power goes out. You can start getting off the grid, by making lifestyle changes in the everyday products you use.

In addition to saving you money, manually powered appliances give you more exercise.  Continue reading “Hand Powered Appliances: Get Off The Grid And Get Some Exercise”

Emergency Kitchen Tool: The Rotary Egg Beater

The Rotary Egg Beater, was a staple kitchen tool, until the electric beater came along.  Hand powered kitchen tools gave your arm, shoulder and fingers a workout. Now, all you need to do is hold an electric beater in your hand while it does all the work.  Or you can watch a blender, crush, mix and frappe without much effort on your part.

Good Old Fashioned
Rotary Egg Beater

Before the advent of electric kitchen appliances, everyone used kitchen tools that were powered by elbow grease.

Electrically powered blenders, food processors, peelers, mixers, make food preparation fast and easy.

Hand powered kitchen tools provide exercise for your wrists, fingers, and arms. Continue reading “Emergency Kitchen Tool: The Rotary Egg Beater”

Eating Healthy During Weather Disasters

Weather disasters are emotionally and physically taxing.

Imagine finding yourself in a blackout, having to do without modern conveniences.  Your stove doesn’t work, you have no lights, and in a few days all your food will go bad.

The local food markets are closed due to drastic weather conditions. Without power, perishable food in your refrigerator will spoil.

You don’t know how long the power outage will last. Your car is lost in a flood. What should you do?

Prepare for future emergencies by stocking up on non-perishable food.