Vintage Fitness: Louis Attila, 19th Century Personal Trainer and Gym Owner

Personal Training and Gym Ownership Goes Way Back. Louis Attila Was Born In Germany In 1844. Attila Had A Long and Successful Career As a Trainer to Athletes and Weathly Clientele. He Was An Early Advocate of Strength Training For Women, And As A Means To Offset The Aging Process. Attila Opened a Gymnasium In New York City in 1893. He Lived To 79.

Louis Attila 1844 – 1928

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Virtual Fitness: How To Do Step-Up-To-Balance Bicep Curl To Overhead Press

Step-Up-To-Balance Strengthens Core, Thighs, Biceps and Shoulders

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There are 4 moves. 1) Step up on to platform with left leg. Stand on left foot as you do each exercise. 2) Perform 1 dumbbell curl. 3) Perform 1 dumbbell overhead press. 4) Lower weights and step down. Move slowly throughout each move.

EXERCISE GOAL: Maintain stability
MODIFICATIONS: 1) The higher the platform, the harder it is to maintain stability. Use a lower platform if needed. 2) Stand on one foot while performing the exercise without the platform. 3) Reduce the weight by using smaller dumbbells.

EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells, Platform, or Step

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