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Irene Pastore Answers Questions About Core Training

QUESTION: Who will be my trainer? ANSWER: Irene Pastore, Certified Personal Trainer. Contact Irene.

QUESTION: How can I contact you? ANSWER: Click this LINK to contact Irene Pastore.

QUESTION: Can I get information about training before making a commitment? ANSWER: Yes. Use the Contact form to get in touch with Irene Pastore, Certified Personal Trainer. From there you can either ask preliminary questions, or schedule a Free Consultation, that will give you more in-depth information.

QUESTION: Is personal training offered live or remote? ANSWER: Sessions are offered remotely or in-home.

QUESTION: What’s the benefit of core personal training? ANSWER: Core training helps to improve your balance, posture, sports performance, and just about everything you do on a daily basis.

QUESTION: How will I be trained? ANSWER: Your training depends on what you want to accomplish, and whether you chose a short or long-germ exercise program.

QUESTION: Do you charge a fee for the consultation? ANSWER: The in-home consultation is fee-based. Remote or phone consultations are complimentary.

QUESTION: Why do you have a Fitness Assessment? ANSWER: Each person begins training with different levels of ability. The assessment provides your trainer with a fitness profile, upon which a unique exercise program is designed, just for you.

QUESTION: Who benefits from having a strong core? ANSWER: People from all walks of life benefit from this type of training. Strong core muscles helps athletes avoid injuries and improve sports performance. Seniors who are prone to falling will notice a big difference in their balance. You’ll experience relief from backaches because core training improves back strength.

QUESTION: Is core training easier than other types of personal training? ANSWER: Each client has a unique core strengthening exercise program desgined just for them. If an exercise seems easy it means they need more challenge, or they need to improve technique.

QUESTION: At which level will I start? ANSWER: Everyone starts at their strongest point. Your Fitness Assessment will help to determine strengths and weaknesses.

QUESTION: Do I have to buy equipment? Is it possible to improve my strength without it? ANSWER: Purchasing equipment is optional. Your exercise program can be designed with or without. The best way to figure this out is to email the Contact Form and schedule a Free Consultation with Irene Pastore, Certified Personal Trainer.

QUESTION: What are fitness goals? Do I need them? ANSWER: Goals are the reason you’re interested in training. A few examples of goals would be flexibility, strength, balance, weight loss, improving technique, get rid of backache, stronger abs, or heart health. Fitness goals are different for each person. Your goals are discussed during the Free Consultation.

QUESTION: Is there exercise equipment suitable for people over 65? ANSWER: Yes. A few examples would be Balance Pods, Peanut Ball, and Elastic Bands. Equipment is optional. If you’re not comfortable with it, you won’t have to use it.

QUESTION: Are there exercise modifications? ANSWER: Yes. When an exercise is too difficult, you’ll be taught a modification.

QUESTION: Why don’t you have a phone or email address on your website? ANSWER: To avoid marketing, scam calls, and junk mail, neither phone or direct email address appears on the website. To get in touch with Irene Pastore, fill out the Contact Form. Early communication is facilitated by email. Once signed up, you’ll have direct email and phone access.

QUESTION: How do I pay for personal training and group classes? ANSWER: Clients pay for their sessions with Pay Pal, from the TourDeCore website.

QUESTION: What type of computer do I need for remote personal training? ANSWER: As long as your device has either a built-in, or an external webcam, you can use a phone, laptop, notepad, or desktop computer.

QUESTION: Do you offer short personal training sessions? ANSWER: Yes. Shorter sessions are available for either 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Scheduling is available in single sessions or packages of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 sessions.

QUESTION: What type of training will I get? ANSWER: Your training program depends on your fitness goals. Core training focuses on strengthening your abs, back, butt, and hips. While working your core, you’ll also be improving strength and flexibility in your arms and legs.

QUESTION: Are there exercise modifications? ANSWER: Yes. When an exercise is too difficult, you’ll be taught a modification.

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