All About Apples

What’s In An Apple?

Medical News Today Nutritional Benefits

WebMd Apple Health Benefits

Apple History

Vermont Tree Growers Association “A Brief History of Apples”

Apple Varieties

Here’s a link to US Apples, where they explain the 9 apple varieties: Apple Varieties – USApple

More on apple varieties from Vermont Tree Growers Association

15 Ways To Eat Apples

  1. Raw snack . Eat the entire apple.
  2. Spread nut butter over a raw apple slice.
  3. Top a slice of cheese over a raw apple slice.
  4. Puree raw applesauce in food processor.
  5. Prepare a raw fruit salad with other fruits and nuts.
  6. Add small apple pieces to yogurt or cottage cheese
  7. Serve raw apple on a tray of assorted cheese.
  8. Snack on dried apples.
  9. Snack on a candied apple.
  10. Bake an apple pie.
  11. Prepare cooked applesauce.
  12. Bake a cinnamon apple bread.
  13. Prepare apple butter.
  14. Poach apples.
  15. Baked apple crisp.

Apple Recipe Websites


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