Cafe Chihuahua

Thanks to his owner, this little dog made one too many trips to Cafe Chihuahua, an imaginary name for humans who overfeed their dogs.

Overweight dogs are not healthy animals, and neither are people who overeat.   Feeding your dog too much food may result in  serious, and life-threatening health problems.  Neither you or your dog enjoy veterinary visits.  Take better care of your furry friend by feeding him properly.

The life expectancy of this breed is 15 or more years.  Healthy Chihuahuas weigh between 4 to 6 pounds.  When overfed, they balloon up to as much as 13 pounds.

Obesity causes problems to humans and animals alike.  An overweight Chihuahua may develop arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and shortened lifespan.

Read more about the rise in animal obesity at these posts, Obesity Up In Cats, Dogs and Horses, and Doggie Calories.

Copyright 2015 Irene Pastore and Tour De Core Personal Training

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