Home Exercise Equipment: Core Fitness Sliders

CATEGORY:  Core Strength and Bodyweight Training.

HOW TO USE IT: Core Sliders are double-sided plastic discs, with foam padding on one side, and smooth plastic on the other.  They slide on indoor surfaces, such as carpets, wood and linoleum.

PORTABILITY: A set of 2 sliders are light, weighing about 6 ounces. Core Sliders are compact.  They’ll fit into a small carry bag.  Use at home, travel, or in the gym.  Toss in your bag for a core workout while on vacation, or business trips.

Elite Core Sliders Are Sold on Amazon. Follow This Link For Details and Prices

BENEFITS: Time efficient, convenient, low impact core workouts.  Lies flat. Takes up very little storage space. Great addition for a home gym.  Offers a low impact, total body workout.  Economical. Around $12.00 for a set of sliders on Amazon.

TYPE OF WORKOUT: Excellent for building core strength, while working arms, legs, abs.


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