Celebrating Obesity

On July 30, AOL had a news feature about a pageant called Miss Big Beautiful Woman

18 Year Old Beauty Pageant Contestant

International, that helps plus size women accept and celebrate their appearance. One woman was interviewed who said she tortured herself trying to lose weight, and gave up after repeated unsuccessful attempts.

I sympathize with anyone who is medically overweight or obese.  Many have tried to lose excess weight and failed, because they’ve resorted to quick fixes, fad diets, or extreme calorie restricted regimens. Quick fixes offer temporary weight loss.  After resuming normal eating, the dieter gains it all back, and then some.  The pattern is very discouraging indeed.

I don’t agree that obesity is cause for celebration.  This advice is misguided, and detrimental.  Women who are overweight, or obese should seek medical guidance to lose unwanted fat.

Blair River was the spokesperson for The Heart Attack Grill Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He was 6’8″, weighed 575 pounds, and died at 29.   The official cause of death was the flu.

Dr. Keith Ayoob, Director of the Nutrition Clinic a the Einstein School of medicine, had this to say about River’s death.  “Obesity increases your risk for just about every condition, and it can make nearly every acute health problem worse.”


  1. Obesity causes increased fatigue and mobility problems, making daily activities such as getting out of a bathtub, or manoeuvering in and out of a car, more challenging and uncomfortable. 
  2. Obesity interferes with normal range of motion, making exercise difficult. It also places more strain on the heart and lungs, causing them to work harder, than someone of normal weight.
  3. According to the Centers For Disease Control, obesity rates are 54% higher among adults with arthritis compared to those without the condition.  

Information in this post is educational.  It should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician, or other healthcare provider.

Copyright 2012 Irene Pastore, and Blue Moon Personal Training

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