Is Personal Training Too Expensive?


When considering whether or not to hire a personal trainer, a buyer may anticipate spending hundreds of dollars on a long-term commitment. Right away, they’re calculating the fees they can’t afford.


When a buyer understands that the purpose of personal training is to solve a fitness problem, it narrows down the time they need to spend fixing the issue. This puts finances into a realistic ballpark.


An example of a common fitness problem would be chronic low backache, whose origin is muscular weakness. While this issue may seem insurmountable to a client, it will not require months of endless training.


A personal training client should be willing to participate in their training program, by asking questions, giving feedback, and recognizing the functional improvements in everyday life, as a beneficial outcome of their exercise program. This understanding improves motivation and compliance. The more you participate, the more money you’ll save on training.

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Loser Workouts: Why You’re Not Getting Results

This might not be the best exercise for her.

You can’t lose weight, your abs are still weak, your flexibility isn’t what you’d like it to be, and you keep getting injured. What’s wrong?

Ask Yourself A Few Questions

Would you consider do-it-yourself dentistry, or do-it-yourself medical care? Would you allow an amateur photographer to photograph your wedding?  Most likely not.

When you want the job done correctly, you hire a professional to do it.  But most people think they can go to the gym, pick up the equipment, start working out, and achieve their goals. In most cases it doesn’t work that way.

Loser Workouts

Both women have weak upper back muscles.
Both women have weak upper back muscles.

A Loser Workout is when you spend considerable time and effort working out, and fail to get the results you want.  You may even experience injuries like muscle strains.

Depending on the severity, a muscle strain can put a stop to your workouts, and even your daily routine, because you’re in too much pain to move.

Break The Loser Workout Cycle

You need to realize that hiring a personal trainer will get you on track to a winning workout.

That means, you’ll achieve your goals, see quicker results, understand which is the best equipment to use, and you’ll stop hurting yourself.  In essence you’ll be turning your life around.

Don’t Hire a Personal Trainer To Count Reps

You can count to ten on your own.  So you’re not hiring a trainer to do your counting.

Reasons To Hire A Trainer

A trainer is an educator who teaches you all of the following:

  • Correct alignment during exercise, so that you avoid injury.
  • Where you have muscle imbalance, and how it affects your workouts.
  • Faulty lifestyle habits that cause poor posture, and how to correct it.
  • How to improve your nutrition, and how to break bad eating habits.

When you’re eating better and exercising regularly, you’re going to lose weight, and feel alot better!

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Risky Exercise 101


A common exercise is to sit, or lie down on a fitness ball while holding dumbbells in each hand.  Is it a good idea? Not really.  Why so?  Because if you lose your balance, and fall, you can suffer broken bones in your shoulders, arms or neck.

Risky Overhead Tricep Exercise
Risky Overhead Tricep Exercise

The fitness ball is designed to enhance your flexibility, core strength, and coördination.

Don’t misuse this great piece of equipment.  

Maybe you’re accustomed to using dumbbells while positioned on a fitness ball.  Maybe you’ve never lost your balance.  There’s always that first time.

Fitness balls can break during your exercise routine.

The first time you lose your balance on a fitness ball, while holding a set of dumbbells, may be the last time you ever try it.  After you’ve injured yourself, you won’t do it again.

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Exercise Advice You Don’t Need

Have you met the gym know-it-all?  The one who doles out exercise advice at your gym, or employee fitness center.  They’re ready, willing, and able to tell you how you should go about your exercise routine.

Your friend isn't the best source for exercise advice.
Your friend isn’t the best source for exercise advice.

Would you allow an amateur photographer take pictures of your wedding?  Probably not. Then why allow an amateur to give you fitness advice?

  1. Your friends are not professionally trained to give exercise advice.
  2. Your friends do not know how to assess your abilities.
  3. Your friends are not familiar with the exercise equipment that suits you best.
  4. Your friends don’t have a clue about exercises that are risky, or even dangerous.
  5. Your friends don’t know how to design exercise programs for you, themselves or anyone else.
  6. You’ll wind up with an injury.
  7. You’ll waste your time, and won’t get results.
  8. Your friends do not know how to prevent exercise injuries during training sessions.
  9. Your friends are unqualified.
  10. Your friends can’t help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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10 Dumb Exercise Mistakes

As a group fitness instructor, and personal trainer, I’ve seen, and heard alot of dumb things.  Here’s a perfect example of an all-too-common dumb exercise mistake.

Don’t take exercise advice from friends.  Instead get a trainer to give you professional guidance.

If she did, you wouldn’t be on the floor.

Your friend doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


Falling off an exercise ball may cause a broken arms or head injuries.




  1. Sporadic or inconsistent workouts keep you from reaching your fitness goals.
  2. Overdoing your workouts, and then taking pain killers so you can go back for more.
  3. Working your upper body and not your lower body.  And vice versa.
  4. Taking exercise advice from friends.  Hire a personal trainer instead.
  5. Never learning correct exercise techniques, or how to use equipment.
  6. Exercising on an empty stomach.  Good way to get dizzy.
  7. Having an unbalanced exercise routine.  You need cardio, strength, flexibility, and stress management.
  8. Taking an advanced Pilates class, when you’re core is weak.
  9. Causing self-inflicted injury when you overloaded the bar.
  10. Thinking that working out is equivalent to torture.


The best way to avoid dumb exercise habits, is to hire a personal trainer.  You’ll actually save money by doing so, because a trainer can teach you correct technique.  When you understand the right way to exercise, you’ll avoid costly injury, and reach your goals much quicker.

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