Risky Exercise 101


A common exercise is to sit, or lie down on a fitness ball while holding dumbbells in each hand.  Is it a good idea? Not really.  Why so?  Because if you lose your balance, and fall, you can suffer broken bones in your shoulders, arms or neck.

Risky Overhead Tricep Exercise
Risky Overhead Tricep Exercise

The fitness ball is designed to enhance your flexibility, core strength, and coördination.

Don’t misuse this great piece of equipment.  

Maybe you’re accustomed to using dumbbells while positioned on a fitness ball.  Maybe you’ve never lost your balance.  There’s always that first time.

Fitness balls can break during your exercise routine.

The first time you lose your balance on a fitness ball, while holding a set of dumbbells, may be the last time you ever try it.  After you’ve injured yourself, you won’t do it again.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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