10 Dumb Exercise Mistakes

As a group fitness instructor, and personal trainer, I’ve seen, and heard alot of dumb things.  Here’s a perfect example of an all-too-common dumb exercise mistake.

Don’t take exercise advice from friends.  Instead get a trainer to give you professional guidance.

If she did, you wouldn’t be on the floor.
Your friend doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


Falling off an exercise ball may cause a broken arms or head injuries.




  1. Sporadic or inconsistent workouts keep you from reaching your fitness goals.
  2. Overdoing your workouts, and then taking pain killers so you can go back for more.
  3. Working your upper body and not your lower body.  And vice versa.
  4. Taking exercise advice from friends.  Hire a personal trainer instead.
  5. Never learning correct exercise techniques, or how to use equipment.
  6. Exercising on an empty stomach.  Good way to get dizzy.
  7. Having an unbalanced exercise routine.  You need cardio, strength, flexibility, and stress management.
  8. Taking an advanced Pilates class, when you’re core is weak.
  9. Causing self-inflicted injury when you overloaded the bar.
  10. Thinking that working out is equivalent to torture.


The best way to avoid dumb exercise habits, is to hire a personal trainer.  You’ll actually save money by doing so, because a trainer can teach you correct technique.  When you understand the right way to exercise, you’ll avoid costly injury, and reach your goals much quicker.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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