Do Calories Count?

Think of your body like a furnace. A furnace burns fuel such as oil, or wood.  Food is the fuel your body burns in order to get the energy you need to carry out your daily tasks.

If your oil, or wood burning furnace has no fuel, your house will get very cold. If you stopped eating, you’d have no energy, and would feel weak.

Calories are units of energy derived from the food you eat. If you eat more food than you burn, your body will store the excess calories.  The results of consuming excess calories is weight gain. The excess weight gain is stored as fat.  So yes, calories do count.

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Confused About Calories? Most People Are!

The concept of calories and weight loss is misunderstood. Food contains calories.  The bigger the portion of food, the more calories.  To lose unwanted weight, calories should be reduced, and exercise increased.

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