Virtual Fitness: How To Do Two-Arm-Reach Abdominal Curl

Two Arm Reach Abdominal Curl

Instructions: The Abdominal Curl Two Arm Reach is a strength training exercise that targets the abdominal and chest muscles. Lie on your back. Bring your chin toward your chest. Slowly curl up by rounding your back. Bring your arms up and in front of you, as shown in the video. Roll back down onto your mat. Perform 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions. Reduce the number of sets and repetitions according to ability.
Modifications: 1) Cross your arms on your chest. 2) Lower your body halfway down, and then come back up.
EXERCISE DOs and DONTs: As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos that appear on this site, you need to use common sense. If your abdominal muscles are weak, either do the modifications, or don’t attempt this exercise if it’s too difficult for you. When starting an exercise program, be sure to discuss your plans with your healthcare provider.

Exercise of the Month: April 2013


Starting Position
Starting Position

Level: Advanced

Style: Core Stabilization

Equipment: Exercise Ball, Exercise Mat, Athletic Shoes (optional).

Muscles Worked: Abs

How To Perform Abs On The Ball

  • Get onto all fours with wrists under shoulders, and knees under hips.  Slide the ball under your abdomen.  
  • Slowly move into a downward plank position and roll the ball under your legs, as shown in Starting Position.
  • Slowly pull your tailbone upward toward the ceiling, until your body forms a V, as shown in Finish Position.
  • Return to Start Position and repeat for 10-12 repetitions, or fewer depending on tolerance.


Finish Position
Finish Position

Place the ball under your thighs, instead of your legs.  Placing the ball closer to your feet, makes the exercise more difficult.

Correct Technique

  • Move slowly throughout.
  • Avoid shaking.
  • If you experience discomfort, or pains in your wrists, stop the exercise.
  • The exercise can be performed with, or without wearing athletic shoes.


  • Do not perform this exercise if you lack shoulder, abdominal, or forearm strength.
  • Do not perform this exercise if you are a beginner, if you’re in a hurry, or showing off in front of friends.  Injuries aren’t worth it.
  • Use the correct size exercise ball.

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