Preventable Winter Hiking Death: Crystal Gonzalez 56

Inside Edition reports on this fatal hiking accident of January 8, 2023. Crystal Gonzalez 56, recorded a video of herself as she climbed the icy slopes of Mt. Baldy, California. The video cuts off as the hiker lost her balance and slid 700 feet down the mountain where she succumbed to severe injuries. Ms. Gonzalez had 4 children.

There are over 400 comments worth reading on this You Tube video, with locals discussing their experience on Mt. Baldy.

Winter mountain equipment such as an ice axe, helmet and crampons are helpful when traversing ice, but it’s probably best to find less threatening conditions, or to stay home and avoid taking the risk. No trail is worth your life.

Standing Static Inner Thigh Stretch Home Exercise

This video demonstrates how to do a Static Standing Inner Thigh Stretch for the Adductor Muscles.


    • Stand tall with good posture. Feet hip width, hands on waist.
    • Take a long step to the side with right foot while keeping the toes pointing straight ahead.
    • Slowly bend left knee as shown in the video.
    • Keep right leg straight until a good stretch is felt inside left thigh.
    • Hold for 10 to 20 seconds.
    • Repeat on opposite leg.
    • Maintain good posture throughout without leaning forward.
    • Keep breathing relaxed.
    • Avoid rounding the lower back.
    • Avoid moving the hips. Keep the hip bones facing foward.

    How To Tap In To Your Awareness

    Buddist monk, Tibetan teacher and author, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche discusses meditation during a recent Ted Talk. He asks why does something that sounds effortless often feel so difficult? In this lighthearted invitation, the spiritual leader shares three steps to help you accept the ebb and flow of your emotions and learn to meditate anytime, anywhere.