Quick Tip: How To Buy A Bicycle

Getting on a bicycle is a fun way to get exercise, rather than riding a stationary bike at the gym.

Riding a bike improves heart health, burns calories, and gives your legs a good workout.

A bike will take you to work, help you do errands, bring home groceries, tour new places on your vacation, while improving your health.

Bicycles are designed to be used on different terrain, and for different purposes.  Buying a bicycle doesn’t have to be confusing, if you do your research.


Road Bike – lightweight, designed for speed.

Touring Bike – good for long distance. Stronger than road bikes. Good for carrying cargo.

Mountain Bike – wide tires.  Good for rugged terrain. Comfortable.  Not as fast as road bikes.

Cruisers – good for everyday use.

Recumbent: your body is in a comfortable, reclining position so that your weight is distributed on your glutes and back.

Electric Bike: powered by an electric motor, making pedaling easier.  Good for commuters.

Folding Bike –  bike-lovers can take this model with them on vacation.  A  good choice if you lack storage space.

Tandem Bike – an extended frame allows two people to ride one bicycle.  Good for families who enjoy touring.

Cargo Bicycle – sturdy frames, wide tires, heavy-duty racks for carrying cargo such as groceries, sports equipment, or boxes.


  • Rent before you buy.  Renting a bicycle gives you the opportunity to test drive, prior to making a purchase.
  • Buy a used bike.
  • Do online research.  Decide on the type of bicycle you need, and then do a google search to learn more.  Amazon.com sells all types of bicycles.  Check out that site as well.  Choosing The Right Bicycle, is a handy article from about.com.


Like everything else, you get what you pay for.  Your safety is very important when riding, after all you’ll be out in traffic.  Buy a bike that won’t fall apart, or let you down.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training