Why Hiking Preparation Is Important

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Hiking Accident Case: Esther Dingley, Missing Hiker 2020

Hiking Death Stories Are Unpleasant To Learn About, Especially One Involving A Fit And Healthy Woman In The Prime of Life

The Pyrenees Mountains where missing hiker, Esther Dingley disappeared in Novemger 2020.
The Pyrenees Mountains

In November 2020, Esther Dingley was a 37 year old British woman who went on a 3 day hiking trip alone in the Pyrenees mountains, near the border of France and Spain. When she failed to return, her family reported her missing. She never came back. Her body was found at the bottom of a cliff, by her partner, who carried out an intensive search to find her. The cause of her fall was accidental: the result of wearing worn out boots that caused her to slip and fall off a cliff.


As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, hiking solo is a risk. If you get lost, injured, or sick there is no one there to help you. Electronic devices may not work in remote areas. This leaves you helpless. And even if you contacted help and got through, it may take hours for them to reach you. In that space of time, you’re situation becomes deadly.


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34 Year Old Solo Hiker Jennifer Coleman Found Dead In Glacier National Park

St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park, Montana.

This story appeared in the media on Monday, September 5, 2021. A 34 year old hiker from Virginia was found dead in Glacier National Park, while on a solo hiking trip. Her family reported her misssing when they hadn’t heard from her for several days.

Park officials believe that Jennifer Coleman of Richmond, Virginia, may have been hiking at Highline Trail, or Dragon’s Tail, a dangerous ridge located within Logan Pass. There are reports that another hiker died after falling 500 feet from Dragon’s Tail in 2020.

The depth of grief when losing a child can make a parent very sick, or possibly kill them,
because the stress of living with this event feels like a weight sitting and
pressing down on your heart. The only fortunate aspect of this story is that her family
had closure, which in many missing persons cases, there is none.


Searcher’s Find Hiker’s Body In Glacier National Park,

Virginia Hiker Not Heard From In Nearly A Week Found Dead In Glacier National Park.


Solo Hikers Go Missing On The Trail

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