World’s Most Dangerous Path Open for Hiking



Known as the world’s most dangerous path, El Caminito del Rey, is newly restored and now open to the public.


The King’s Little Pathway, is a walkway, located along the walls of a narrow gorge, in the village of El Chorro, near Malaga Spain.  The path rises 328 feet above the river below, and is the site where 5 hikers plunged to their death between 1999 and 2000.

Comprised of board walks, forest paths, and walkways, and characterized by long distance, and steep slopes, the estimated time for the full 7.7 km (4.7 miles) length of the linear hike, is between 4 and 5 hours.   In some sections the path is no more than a yard wide.  El Caminito del Rey reopened in March 2015.

If you’re venturing out on this path, better be sure you know what you’re doing.  Wear proper clothing and footwear, know the upcoming weather conditions, bring plenty of water, food, and first aid.  And, never hike alone.

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A Pilates Primer

A PILATES PRIMERA must-have for Pilates teachers, and practitioners.  The Millennium Edition, is the complete works of Joseph H. Pilates.

This edition includes two books: Return To Life Through Contrology, originally published in 1945, and Your Health, first published in 1934.

Return To Life includes black and white photographs of Joseph Pilates at sixty years old, performing his entire original set of 34 mat exercises.

This book  makes available in one volume all of his early 20th Century philosophies, principles, and theories about health and fitness.  Each exercise is fully described, with Pilates original instructions.

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883, and died in New York City in 1967.   He invented, and promoted his method of physical fitness, which he called Contrology.

Essentially teaching the Contrology method to dancers in his studio in New York, his method is now taught and practised worldwide, and is known as Pilates.  The Millennium Edition is available in Kindle at Amazon, and in paperback at Barnes & Noble.

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