Cast Iron Cookware: Stay Fit While You Cook

Besides being a great conductor of heat, lasting a lifetime, being an heirloom to pass down to your kin, cast iron cookware takes muscle to lift, and that’s a good thing.

Takes Muscle To Lift

Cast iron is very heavy.  If you’re a fitness buff, who appreciates home-cooked meals, then you ought to look into buying cast iron cookware.

Start out by purchasing a small 8″ skillet to learn how to cook, and care for cast iron.  If you decide you really enjoy using it, then branch out into a larger 10 or 12 inch skillet, or even a dutch oven. Continue reading “Cast Iron Cookware: Stay Fit While You Cook”

Villa Linguine: Holiday Vegan Clam Sauce

During my childhood, our family Christmas dinner was seafood served with pasta, vegetables, and a green salad.  Now that I no longer eat sea creatures, I found a great substitute by using mushrooms.  See what you think.



1 Lb. cooked whole wheat linguine
• 2 to 3 Tablespoons dry arame
• 3 Tablespoons olive oil
• 4 Cloves garlic sliced thin
• 3 Cups sliced mushrooms: Alii Oyster Mushrooms, or Shiitake Mushrooms.*
• 1/4 Cup white wine
•  Juice of one-half fresh lemon
• 1  1/2 Cups unsweetened rice or soy milk
• 3 Tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes
• 2 Tablespoons olive oil
• Chili pepper flakes to taste
• Chopped fresh Italian parsley
• 2 Tablespoons toasted pine nuts Continue reading “Villa Linguine: Holiday Vegan Clam Sauce”

Happy Tofurky Day: Vegetarian Thanksgiving on The Rise

Vegan Tofurky Feast

For all vegans and vegetarians, here’s some good news about Americans opting out of eating turkey on Thanksgiving, and choosing non-meat alternatives.

According to an article by Laura L. Thornton, in the November 21, 2012 Takoma Park Patch, 3 million Tofurky roasts were sold this year.  The Tofurky was invented by Seth Tibbott.  In 1995 about 500 Tofurky Roasts were sold by natural food stores in the Pacific northwest.  Consumption of Tofurky is on the rise.

Turtle Island Foods, located in Hood River, Oregon manufactures meat-like textured Tofurky made from organic tofu, vital wheat gluten, and expeller-pressed, non GMO canola oil.

Just click the links in this article to learn more about Tofurky, and where you can buy it.

Copyright 2012 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

Gluttony 101: Avoiding Thanksgiving Overeating

Many Americans are accustomed to over-consuming when they eat.  Holiday time is an excuse to eat even more.  Overeating can lead  to digestive disorders, and obesity.  Monitoring food intake amounts to personal responsibility for one’s health.


A glutton is someone who lives to eat.
  1. Don’t skip breakfast, or lunch, in order to “save room” to overeat on Thanksgiving.
  2. For the cook: Prepare savory vegetable dishes instead of going overboard on potato, and starchy dishes.  Search out creative recipes that give your guests an alternative to turkey, or rich gravy. Continue reading “Gluttony 101: Avoiding Thanksgiving Overeating”