Home Fitness Equipment: Balance Stability Disc

CATEGORY: Bodyweight Exercise Equipment for Core Strength, Balance and Stability

HOW TO USE IT: The Balance Stability Disc activates core muscles by creating an unstable platform. on which to perform an exercise routine. Purchase the 2-Pak and place one disc under both feet, or hands for a more advanced workout.

PORTABILITY: Very light, easy to lift, carry and transport.

BENEFITS: Perfect for a home gym. Inexpensive.

TYPE OF WORKOUTAccommodates standing, kneeling, all fours, and seated exercises.  Strengthens the core. Improves balance during standard exercises such as lunges, squats, push-ups, abdominal curls, marching in place, and planks. Using one disc under both feet, or hands increases exercise intensity.


Amazon Stability Discs – Perform Better Disc Pillow Plus – Power Systems Versa Disc

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