How To Strengthen Glutes From A Standing Balanced Position

A Basic Glute Strength Core Stabilization Exercise For Home or Outdoors

All You Need Is Elastic Tubing

  • Attach one end of the tube handle to a secure hook.
  • Walk away from the point of origin. The further away you are from the hook, the greater the resistance.
  • Place the other tube handle around left foot.
  • Place hands on hips or waist.
  • Stand on right foot.
  • Slowly bend left knee, while raising the left foot off floor.
  • Slowly return left foot to floor.
  • Repeat on same foot for desired repetitions.
  • Switch to standing on the left foot and repeat desired repetitions.

Modifications: 1) Use a lighter tube for decreased resistance. 2) Stand closer to the point of origin. 3) Perform the exercise without the tube. 4) Perform fewer repetitions. 5) Raise foot at a lower angle.

Technique: The exercise becomes more difficult, with a heavier tube, or standing further back from the point of origin. The goal is shoulder and hip stability throughout the exercise. If you have difficulty with stability, modify the exercise.

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