How To Do A Single Leg Hammer Curl

The Single Leg Hammer Curl Develops Core, Bicep and Forearm Strength

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Feet shoulder width.
  • Stand on left foot.
  • Raise right foot a few inches off floor.
  • Slowly raise and lower dumbbells.
  • Perform desired repetitions.
  • Switch to standing on right foot.
  • Repeat desired repetitions while standing on right foot.
  • Stand upright with good posture throughout the exercise.

Modifications: 1) Use lighter dumbbells. 2) Perform fewer repetitions.

Technique: The goal is hip and shoulder stabilization while moving the weights. Modify the exercise, if your body sways or you lose your balance. Avoid arching your back or bringing head and shoulders forward.

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