How To Do A Frontal Plane Leg Circuit

You’ll Be Moving Side-To-Side As You Perform 4 Exercises in the Frontal Plane Leg Circuit 4: The Prisoner Squat, Alternating Side Lunges, Alternating Side Hop-Overs, and Side-to-Side Jump Squats


The Frontal Plane Leg Circuit Is a bodyweight exercise where you move side-to-side. It is suitable for home or outdoor workouts.

  • Begin in a standing position. Feet slightly wider than hips.
  • Place hands behind your head.
  • Perform 5 Prisoner Squats. Return to standing position after squatting.
  • Place hands on hips.
  • Perform 5 Alternating Side Lunges leading with right to left foot.
  • Next is Alternating Hop-Overs. Use a heavy, and sturdy platform for Hop-Overs.
  • Perform 5 Alternating Side Hop-Overs leading with right to left foot.
  • As you hop over the platform, move your arms as shown in the video.
  • Next is Side-to-Side Jump Squats.
  • Perform 5 Side-to-Side Jump Squats with feet slightly wider than hips.
  • Move your arms up and down as you jump.
  • Perform the entire circuit for desired repetitions.
  • Recover by resting in between circuits as needed.

ERRORS: Losing control of the exercise by either moving too fast, performing too many repetitions, or using a platform that’s too high.

MODIFICATIONS: 1. Do fewer repetitions according to ability. 2. Omit an exercise you can’t or shouldn’t do. 3. The height of the step-up platform determines difficulty. Choose a platform height you can manage, without losing your balance. 4. Leave arms at your sides instead of raising them. 5. Decrease the width of your stance. 6. Use a slower tempo. Moving fast isn’t always better. 7. Replace Hop-Overs with Step-Overs.

EQUIPMENT: A sturdy, heavy platform that won’t move during Step-Overs. Height determines difficulty.

VARIATIONS: Increase the number of repetitions of each exercise for more difficulty.

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