How To Do BOSU Downdog-Updog-Pigeon

The BOSU Yoga Poses featured in this video improves balance, core strength, stretches inner hips, and strengthens spinal muscles.

  • Begin on all fours position with hands on BOSU.
  • Lift up into Downward Dog Pose. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Move forward slowly through Downward Plank. Transition to Upward Dog.
  • Hold Upward Dog for 10 seconds.
  • Move through Downward Dog into Pigeon Pose by drawing right knee to chest.
  • Rest right leg across the BOSU.
  • Raise arms upward alongside your head. Look upward.
  • Hold Pigeon Pose 10 seconds.
  • Remove right leg from BOSU and move into Downward Dog.
  • Repeat the entire sequence on the left side.
  • Continue for desired repetitions alternating each leg across the BOSU.
  • The sequence is completed by returning to Downward Dog.

MODIFICATIONS: 1. You should be able to perform all 3 poses on the mat without the BOSU. 2. Before attempting BOSU Yoga, use balance equipment that is less advanced, such as the foam balance pad. 3. Instead of lifting arms upward in Pigeon Pose, allow them to rest on Yoga blocks placed on either side of the BOSU.

EQUIPMENT: BOSU Balance Trainer

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EXERCISE DOs and DONTs – As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos that appear on this site, you need to use common sense. If your muscles are weak, either do the modifications, or don’t attempt this exercise if it’s too difficult for you. When starting an exercise program, be sure to discuss your plans with your healthcare provider

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