How To Do A Partner Workout For Cardio and Strength

No Equipment Partner Workout – Advanced Level


  • Move Slowly Throughout All Exercises
  • Squat Jump: Perform 5-10 jumps in succession.
  • Pistol Squat: Perform 4 to 6 reps on right leg. Repeat on left leg. 2 sets.
  • Kneeling Push-Up to Rotation: Perform 8-10 reps on right side. Repeat on left side. 2 sets
  • Rotating Squat Jump: Perform 8-10 reps. 2 sets
  • Wall Sit: Lower down, hold, slowly come up. Perform 8-10 reps. 2 sets
  • Snowboarder: Perform 3 reps. 2 sets
  • Long Jump and High Jump: Perform 4 Jumps. 2 sets
  • Squat & Glute Lift: Lift off. Raise right leg once. Lower down. Repeat on left. 2 sets.
  • Handstand: Perform once.

CAUTION: The exercises in this video are on an advanced level. Avoid any exercise that is beyond your strength and understanding. Not recommended for beginners.

MODIFICATIONS: 1) Do 1 only one set. 2) Omit exercises that are beyond your strength. 3) Do fewer repetitions. 4) Perform modified push-ups. 5) Adjust the holding time for the Wall Sit according to strength.


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EXERCISE DOs and DONTs – As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos that appear on this site, you need to use common sense. If your muscles are weak, either do the modifications, or don’t attempt this exercise if it’s too difficult for you. When starting an exercise program, be sure to discuss your plans with your healthcare provider

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