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OPTP Stretch Out Strap with Loops

HOW TO USE ITThe OPTP Stretch Out Strap measures 6′ 4″ in length. It’s made of strong woven nylon with 10 individual loop handles   The loops allow an easy grip, without slipping.  The strap is sold with an exercise instruction manual and a mobile app.


PORTABILITYLightweight.  Travels anywhere: gym, office, business trip, vacation, outdoors.  Lightweight.  Weighs about 4 ounces.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.

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BENEFITS: Well-made, and very durable.  Will last for years. Reduces risk of injury.  Designed for all fitness levels., The Stretch Out Strap allows performance of unassisted stretching with greater control, while making stretching easier and more enjoyable. 

TYPE OF WORKOUT: The Stretch Out Strap is used for stretching routines, for your back, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, and other muscle groups.  It allows you to loosen tight muscles, thereby improving range of motion for sports, Yoga, Pilates, or everyday activities.

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