Home Fitness: The Reebok Core Board

The Reebok Core Board provides an unstable surface for core fitness routines.  It tilts, rocks and swivels in all directions.  The concept in core training is the attempt to remain upright and steady during movement.  The Core Board measures 29″ wide x 22″ deep x 6″ high. 

Category: Core Strength, Balance and Stability

How To Use It: Reebok Core Board activates the core, by tilting, rocking, swiveling in all directions, while in use.

Portability: The board weighs around 30 pounds. 

Type Of Workouts: The Reebok Core Board allows you to stand, sit, lie down, and do cardio. Specific exercises are lunges, push-ups, chest press, and medicine ball toss.  It accommodates 8 band attachment points.

Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Reebok Core Board Is Available on Amazon. Follow This Link for More Details

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