Home Fitness: SPRI Balance Pods

Category: Core Strength, Agility, Balance, and Stability,

How To Use It: SPRI Balance Pods are used to improve balance and coordination.  They are placed on an indoor flat, smooth surface, spaced evenly, and used as stepping stones.  Pods come in a set of 6.  

Portability: The pods are very light and portable. They’ll fit in a carry all.  Take them anywhere.

Benefits: Easy to store.  Perfect for a home gym.  Toss in your bag for business trips or vacation exercise.  Lightweight, colorful product.  Easy to learn.  Activates the core.  Excellent for experienced older adults who want to improve balance.  

Type of Workout: Standing Balance Exercises. For more challenge, use more than one set of pods.

SPRI Balance Pods Are Available on Amazon. Follow This Link for Details and Prices

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