No Gym – No Equipment – No Problem

Get a Total Body Workout Without Spending A Cent

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, that push-ups don’t cost you a dime.  He meant, that you can exercise without equipment, or a gym.

You can strengthen, stretch, and improve heart health, and core strength, without leaving your home.  You don’t even need alot of space.

You can get a total body workout, and that includes your core muscles, without any equipment.

Down Plank

Don’t Let Excuses Stop You From Exercising

No money to join a gym?  No problem. Use any room in your apartment, home, or outdoor location.

No place to store equipment?  Not a problem.  You’re going to use the weight of your own body to get you strong and fit.

Not enough room in your home?  No worries.  You can get big results, in a small space.

Here’s your list of exercises that use the weight of your own body, instead of equipment.  This style of exercise is called Bodyweight Training.

Side Plank


PLANKS are a highly versatile exercise. You can do them down, up and sideways.

DOWN PLANK is performed facing downward on all fours.

SIDE PLANKS are performed on one hand and the edges of your feet.

UP PLANKS require strength and control to do them well, because they are a very challenging exercise.

Side Plank

PUSH-UPS are a challenging exercise. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid them.

The full Push-Up exercise is performed on the floor, and requires a great deal of strength, and body control, to do them well.


MODIFIED PUSH-UP  is alot easier than the full push-up, because it’s performed on your knees.  Great for beginners.

WALL PUSH-AWAY is a very good alternative for anyone who cannot do the Modified Push-Up. It’s the easiest option for most people.

STATIONARY LUNGES are performed standing in one place.

MOVING LUNGES are performed by stepping forward, or stepping forward and back.


SIDE LUNGES are performed by stepping sideways while stationery, or moving.

TWISTING LUNGES are performed by twisting side-to-side, while in a stationary position, or moving forward.

BRIDGES are a versatile exercise performed while lying on your back.

MOVING BRIDGE is performed by sliding one leg forward and back, while holding the Bridge exercise.

ONE LEG BRIDGE is performed by lifting one leg up to 90 degrees while holding the Bridge exercise.

Single Leg Bridge

SQUATS are performed by bending the knees.  Primarily, they strengthen the legs.

WALL SQUATS are a modified version of the full squat, and are not as difficult, because you’re leaning against a wall for support.


ABDOMINAL exercises should be included in your exercise routine because they help support your spine.  Weak abdominal and back muscles contribute to back pain, and poor posture.

Back Exercise
Back Exercise

BACK exercises are performed lying on your stomach while lifting your torso.  Include back exercises in your routine, along with abdominal exercises.



Irene Pastore is a native New Yorker, health and fitness blogger, and personal trainer. Irene owns this website, and writes all the blog posts. For her complete bio, visit the About Page.

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