Everyday Guide To Mushrooms

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationWhite Button mushrooms are the most common variety of mushrooms sold in supermarkets.  While shopping the produce aisle, you may have noticed other varieties, but don’t know what they are, or how they’re used.  This post will help you identify other mushroom types, and inspire you to try something new.

Mushrooms are easy, and fast to prepare, and contain vitamins and minerals.  Surprise your friends or family  by serving a vegetarian hamburger made from a Portobello mushroom, or top a pizza with sautéed Shiitake mushrooms.

Mushroom stir fry corbis
Mushroom Vegetable Stir Fry

How To Use Mushrooms

Pizza Topping



Pasta Dishes

Vegetable Dishes

Stuffed with Parmesan Cheese

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger

Varieties of Mushrooms

© Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationShiitake Mushrooms are tan to dark brown in color, have a meaty texture, and rich flavor.  The stems are curved, and the caps are shaped like an umbrella.  Either saute, or stir-fry. There are about 41 calories in 4-5 mushrooms, with zero fat.

Cremini Mushrooms, are also known as Baby Bellas.  They are the same size as White Button Mushrooms, but have a much firmer texture.  Cremini Mushrooms are light tan, to dark brown in color.  Four to five mushrooms contain about 23 calories, and zero fat. Saute, stir-fry, or broil.

Portabello Mushrooms have tan-colored tops, that measure up to 6″ in diameter. © Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationTexture and flavor is like meat.  Grill, broil or roast.  One mushroom is about 22 calories,  with zero fat. Portabello mushrooms are used to make vegetarian hamburgers.

White Button Mushrooms are mild tasting.  Four to five mushrooms contain about 18 calories, and no fat.  When mushrooms are mentioned, this is the first one you’d think about,  because they are the ones most commonly found in everyday cooking.   Saute, or eat them raw.

Maitake Mushrooms have a rippling shape, and no cap.  The flavor is rich and woodsy. Four to five Maitake Mushrooms contain about 31 calories, and zero fat.  Saute.

Enoki Mushrooms have tiny button-shaped caps, with long, spindly stems.  The flavor is mild and crunchy.  Eat raw, or in miso soup. Four to five Enoki Mushrooms contain about 37 calories, and no fat.

Oyster Mushrooms are gray, pale yellow or blue, and have a delicate, velvet-like texture. Four to five Oyster Mushrooms contain about 25 calories, and no fat.  Saute.

Beech Mushrooms are very small, have a crunchy texture, and white or brown caps. They have a flavor that is mild and nutty. Stir-fry, roast, or saute.  Four ounces yields about 23 calories, and no fat.

Place your cursor over each photograph to identify the names of each mushroom group.

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