How To Do A Basic Back Strength Exercise On A Stability Ball

Stability Ball Cobra Combination Is A Core Stabilization Exercise The Strengthens Back and Shoulders

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There are 3 moves in this exercise. Lie on the stability ball with feet slightly wider than your hips. 1) Slowly raise arms up and outward forming a wide V-angle for one repetition. Lower arms. 2) Raise arms out to your sides forming a straight line for one repetition. Lower arms. 3) Raise arms in back of you forming a V-angle for one repetition. Lower arms. Repeat additional rounds of 3 movements as desired.

TECHNIQUE: Remain stable during each movement.

MODIFICATION: If the ball is too large, you’ll have difficulty with stabilization. If your feet don’t touch the floor select a smaller ball or release some of the air.

EQUIPMENT: Stability Ball

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