Virtual Fitness: How To Do BOSU Lateral Crossovers

INSTRUCTIONS: Begin on either left or right foot. Warm-up by taking a few small lateral crossovers in the opposite direction. Slowly increase the tempo and make the crossovers wider, for a total of 10 repetitions. Then change the exercise by laterally crossing over the entire BOSU for a total of 5 repetitions. Switch sides and repeat the entire routine. Avoid leaning forward and maintain an upright position. As you reach the end of the exercise, cool down by slowing your pace.
EXERCISE GOAL: The Lateral Crossovers provide a warm-up for strength training, or stretching, or as part of a cardio circuit training routine
BENEFITS: The Lateral Crossovers improve core strength, heart health, stamina, coordination, and agility.
MODIFICATIONS: 1) Do fewer repetitions. 2) Make the crossovers less wide. 3) Slow your pace.

EXERCISE DOs and DONTs – As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos that appear on this site, you need to use common sense. If your muscles are weak, either do the modifications, or don’t attempt this exercise if it’s too difficult for you. When starting an exercise program, be sure to discuss your plans with your healthcare provider

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