Symptoms of Influenza

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A or B viruses
Common Influenza Symptoms
  • You May Have Fever Above 100 F
  • Severe Aches In Muscles and Joints
  • Weakness or Severe Fatigue
  • Warm, Flushed Skin, and Red Watery Eyes
  • Chills
  • A Headache
  • A Dry Cough
  • A Sore Throat and Runny Nose
  • Trouble Breathing or Shortness of Breath
  • Pain or Pressure in Your Chest or Belly
  • Sudden Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Severe Vomiting

*Seek immediate medical help if you have the last 5 symptoms.

Source: WebMD

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