April is National BLT Month: 4 Ways To Go Meatless

April — National Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Month

Celebrate National BLT Month by creating a delicious sandwich, or salad, by substituting bacon-flavored, soy-based bacon.

Litelife Organic Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh Strips

Place tempeh strips in an oiled skillet, and cook until crisp.  Use just like real bacon in sandwiches or salads.

Litelife Organic Tempeh

You can transform ordinary tempeh into bacon by using a condiment called Liquid Smoke.  Cut the tempeh into thin strips.  Place strips in an oiled skillet.  Brown tempeh until crispy golden brown. Place tempeh strips on bread, and sprinkle Liquid Smoke over tempeh.

Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips

This product looks, smells, tastes, and performs just like real bacon.  Each strip is ready to cook. Place strips in oiled skillet, and cook until crisp.  Perfect in sandwiches, or salads. This product contains eggwhites.

Liquid Smoke

This condiment has a smoky flavor.  It gives bland food a smoke flavor.  Whole Foods Market carries it.

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