Everyday Athletes

You’re not the athletic type. You never went out for high school sports, don’t carry a tennis racquet, or Yoga mat. You may be under 35, or over 50.  Weight rooms are not your thing, nor trampolines, or swinging a baseball bat.   But yet, you qualify for the title “Everyday Athlete”.  How is that?

You may need to rush to a meeting in a snowstorm, or hop over urban puddles on your way to catch a taxi.  You may be carrying a cord of wood to fire up your wood burning stove.  The activities of daily living, we take for granted, require strength, agility, fortitude, and stamina.  Congratulations, you’ve earned the title, “Everyday Athlete”.


– Stays slim.  Knows that gluttony isn’t cool.

– Climbs stairs at work, instead of taking the elevator.

– Abides by the less driving rule.

– Rides a bicycle, or walks to work.

– Grabs an umbrella, and strides through the rain.

– Unafraid to slog through snow.

– Stays strong through blustery winds.

– Tackles tire changing, and wiping down a snowy windshield.


The Everyday Athlete knows the importance of strengthening the core muscles.  That’s why they can fly over puddles, tackle snowstorms, zip up a flight of stairs, and never shrink from life’s difficult moments.  



Copyright Irene Pastore and Tour de Core Personal Training






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