It Started With A Meatball

A Canine Adventure Story for  For Animal LoversTeam Peak Performance says that after six days, they "crossed the finish line with 5 members instead of 4 as the 12th top team in the world."

Team Peak Members and Arthur the Homeless Dog

A lonely, homeless, dog, followed a Swedish race team through water, rough terrain, and muck, after they took pity on him, and fed him Swedish meatballs, while on an endurance race in Ecuador.

The story received international attention, appearing in the Washington Post, NPR, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and the BBC, to name a few.  The team named the dog Arthur, who is now a global celebrity.

The team traveled 430 miles in six days and six nights, using maps as their only guide.  After two-thirds of their journey, they were adopted by Arthur.

Known as Team Peak Performance, they walked through Amazon rain forests, and kayaked through rivers.  At first they hesitated about having the dog travel in a kayak, and decided to leave him.  But the dog prevailed, after jumping into the water after them.  They took him on board, where Arthur rode in one of the kayaks.  The team came in 12th in the Adventure Racing World Championship.

Long story short.  Happy ending.  Arthur was adopted by one of the team members, Mikael Lindnord, and now lives in Sweden.  Read more on the Team Peak Performance Facebook page, where there are plenty of photographs of the team, and their mascot, Arthur.  A lucky dog.

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