Disabled Dog Gets Prosthetic Legs

Naki’o, the world’s first dog to receive four prosthetic limbs.

In 2011 a puppy was found abandoned, and near death in a foreclosed home in Nebraska.  Four paws and tail were frozen in a puddle of water in the basement of the house.

Naki’o was brought to a local shelter, and nursed back to health.  Through the internet, veterinarian assistant Christine Pace read about his story, and decided to adopt him.

Christine raised money so that Naki’o could be fitted with two prosthetic rear legs, designed and fitted by Orthopets in Denver, Colorado.  Naki’o adapted so well to his new legs, that the company designed prosthetics for both front legs, free of charge.

Read the entire story about Nakio’s rescue, and his new home, at Orthopets.com.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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