Body Building At 93

Dr. Charles Eugster, a British dentist decided to take control of his aging process.  At 87, he hired a personal trainer, and learned how to improve his health through strength training.

Anyone can do this.  The doctor said so himself.  And it’s true, because it’s never too late.  Dr. Eugster has set an example for people over 50.

He took the time to improve his health and appearance and became a positive role model, for people of his generation, which, for the most part, are in bad shape.

Dr. Eugster hasn’t done anything amazing.  His actions are amazing, because he is so different than most people. Taking control of his health at an advanced age is highly commendable.

Click the links to read the story in the International Business Times, and MSN.

If you’re over 50, and want to start exercising, pick up a copy of Biomarkers: The 10 Keys to Prolonging Vitality, at Amazon.

Here are links to the story in the International Business Times, and MSN.

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