Hiking Accident Prevention: Don’t Hike Alone


Cautionary Stories For Back Country Hikers

Solo Hiking Increases Your Risk Of No Return

In August 2018 Samantha Sayers 27, never returned from her solo hike up Vesper Peak in the North Cascades, near Seattle, Washington. After an 8,000 hour search, not a trace of her showed up. To date, her family has no closure about what happened to her.

Esther Dingley, 37 went missing while solo hiking near the border of Spain and France, in the Pyrenees mountains. She started her hike on November 22, 2020, and was expected to return within 3 days. Partial remains were recently discovered, and tested positive for her DNA, giving her family closure, but no explanation as to how she died. The search continues for her equipment.

Both women had concerned family, and devoted companions who searched the mountains looking for clues to their whereabouts.

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