Health Tip: Dietary Oil And Weight Loss

When losing excess weight, be sure you factor in how many calories you’re adding when using dietary oil. There are 120 calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Measure oil instead of pouring directly from the bottle, so you know the exact calorie count. If you pour instead of measure, you’ may be adding more than you need.

Dietary oil also includes mayonnaise, and nut butters. Read the food label on the jar to see how many calories are in 1 tablespoon. Too much dietary oil may be the stumbling block in your weight loss plan.


Almond Oil 123 calories
Apricot Kernel Oil 124 calories
Avocado Oil 120 calories
Canola Oil 124 calories
Coconut Oil 120 calories
Corn Oil 120 calories
Cottonseed Oil 123 calories
Flaxseed Oil 124 calories
Grape Seed Oil 124 calories
Hazelnut Oil 124 calories
Linseed Oil 117 calories
Mustard Oil 124 calories
Olive Oil 120 calories
Palm Kernel Oil 123 calories
Palm Oil 123 calories
Peanut Oil 120 calories
Poppy Seed Oil 124 calories
Pumpkin Seed Oil 123 calories
Rice Bran Oil 124 calories
Safflower Oil 120 calories
Salmon Oil 128 calories
Sesame Oil 124 calories
Soy Oil 123 calories
Sunflower Oil 124 calories
Tomato Seed Oil 124 calories
Vegetable Oil 120 calories
Walnut Oil 124 calories
Wheat Germ Oil 130 c

Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 25 years experience teaching exercise in New York City.  To read her complete bio, visit the About Page.

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