National Posture Month – May 2021

7 Tips to Celebrate National Posture Month 2019

May is National Posture Month, a health holiday that draws attention to the way you look when you sit or stand.

Good posture implies that your postural muscles support your spine, and that shoulders don’t round forward, or that your head juts out and down.

People who have healthy posture appear confident, experience less back pain, and do better in recreational activities and sports.

7 Easy Tips

  1. Buy an office chair that supports your back.
  2. Buy a low back pillow.
  3. Get your posture evaluated.  Release trigger points* with a foam roller.
  4. Get a massage to release trigger points.
  5. Purchase a trigger point release kit.  Amazon sells these.
  6. Hold your cell phone closer to eye level instead of looking down and forward.

*Trigger points are painful areas in muscle tissue that inhibit range of motion, and create poor posture.

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Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 25 years experience teaching exercise in New York City.  For her complete bio, visit the About Page.

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