How To Do The Seated Pelvic Tilt Exercise

What Is A Pelvic Tilt Exercise?

The pelvic tilt is an easy core exercise that stretches low back muscles. The exercise can be performed seated, standing, or lying on your back.

When Should You Do The Pelvic Tilt Exercise?

Pregnant women benefit from pelvic tilting because it prevents RED EXERCISE BALL GOOGLE IMAGEprenatal low back ache.  People who experience low back pain, caused by muscular tightness, will find that pelvic tilting, along with strengthening the abs, and back, will help alleviate low back discomfort  The pelvic tilt is also used by Pilates teachers, physical therapists, and personal trainers, who help their clients improve posture.

Equipment You’ll Need

Exercise Ball.  If you don’t have an exercise ball, use a sturdy chair.

Benefits of the Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Stretches low back muscles.

How To Do The Seated Pelvic Tilt Exercise In 3 Steps

  1. Sit on an exercise ball, with your knees at right angles. Your feet should be hip width apart, and touch the floor.
  2. Be sure you feel stable before beginning the exercise.  If you can’t stabilize your body on the exercise ball, use a sturdy chair instead.
  3. Move slowly throughout the movement, as you tilt  your low back, and then sit up tall.

Pelvic Tilt Exercise On Exercise Ball

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