The Rider’s Pain-Free Back

The Rider’s Pain Free Back, by James Warson, M.D. published in 2007 by Trafalgar Square Books.Product Details

Dr. Warson gives a thorough explanation of the causes, prevention, and remedies of back pain, for riders of all disciplines.

Science-based explanations are written so that everyone can understand, and appreciate the congenital and mechanical reasons for developing lumbar pain.

Dr. Warson’s book provides practical information on the diagnosis, treatment, and pain management related to back problems in riders.

If you’re a rider who has given up, or is thinking of giving up riding because of a sore, or painful back, this book is a must read.

Dr. Warson, a lifelong horseman, and neurosurgeon is the founder of the Front Range Brain and Spine Surgery Center in northern Colorado.

The Rider’s Pain-Free Back is sold on Amazon, where it rates a 5 star review from readers.

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